Four Ingredient Quesadilla

Tonight I wanted to make something light because I know for sure that no matter how big of a dinner I have, I will still be hungry when my 4 hour cinema class ends at 11p.m. tonight. So, I simplified my mother’s wonderful spinach-mushroom quesadilla recipe. She normally uses ginger and mushrooms along with the spinach, but I lacked the first two ingredients.

So here’s an easy quesadilla recipe:

1. heat some olive oil in a pan

2. throw in some baby spinach, cover the pan

3. while spinach is cooking place whole wheat tortilla (or I prefer the whole wheat lavash from trader joe’s) on the stove (carefully!) and place some pepper jack cheese on top.

4. pour spinach, when done, on top of the first tortilla

5. add a second tortilla on top and eat!


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