2 Birds 1 Stone

If you take the 101 and exit Gower you’ll run into a great little nook of Los Angeles. A little stretch of road on Franklin has intimate restaurants, the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre and my two favorite things – The Bourgeois Pig and Counterpoint Records and Books, pictured below.

Counterpoint has lightly used books (some even autographed), records and movies for the best prices around. A good as new, signed Aimee Bender novel was $10 and an also good as new Slaughterhouse Five was $3. I could spend a long time in this place, for there is something new and interesting every time I go.

A few stores down is the Bourgeois Pig, a little coffeehouse with vintage couches, music at a perfect volume and a very special nook in the forest room that is near and dear to my heart. ❤ People write anonymous notes and place them into the little cupboard on the wall, or they simply write on the wood itself. This coffeeshop is a great place to take friends, or just to take your laptop and get some work done.

This one little block on Franklin offers so many great things, check it out.


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