Rooney Mara

…is a badass.

Saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night. Ever since I saw the trailer – intense music, so much mystery – I’ve been dying to see this movie. It definitely delivered. More particularly, Rooney Mara delivered.

“This is so obscene!”

“She’s such a badass…She’s such a badass!”

All comments I heard whispered by other people in the theatre.

The movie is “obscene” in a tasteful way. They show a lot of skin but all of it is intentional, as in, it furthers the story and is not pointless. I hear the Swedish version is even more explicit.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what this movie is about so it’s pointless to go into those details. I think the storyline is great, but what MAKES this film is the acting and execution cinematically (lighting, sound, cinematography…everything). Rooney Mara IS Lisbeth. Her accent is dead on. Even though she’s beautiful in real life, she strips down to this bare, genuine, raw human being and its spectacular to watch. Rooney, you have all my love and respect.

And I thought Carrie Mulligan had it all…



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