Lamill… Why you so pretentious?

Now, I knew Silver Lake is full of  hipsters. I knew as I was driving down Silver Lake Blvd what to expect… but I gave it a chance since the people at Elf Cafe are so darn sweet.

I was wrong. Silver Lake is, and will always be, infested with hipsters listening to bands with ironic names and wearing bowler hats/thick framed ray bans. Lamill is no exception.

The one thing I will scream hallelujah about is that there is a parking lot behind the store – hallelujah! I walked into the back door with my boyfriend – we were there to have a nice cup of coffee at the end of our valentine’s day celebration. First shocker, this place is a…restaurant? and coffee bar? It was confusing. I think it should be one or the other. Either be a restaurant or be a coffee house. The environment is too upscale and stingy… it’s hard to enjoy yourself when there is no comfortable couchy place to sit. We even tried to sit down at a table with our to-go drinks and the hipster guy monitoring the floor comes up to us and tells us that part of the room was closed. But other people were sitting in the room… this rubbed me the wrong way so I immediately left.

I will say, I had a nice iced chai… it had masala curry spices, milk and sugar. My boo had an iced mocha, made with dark chocolate which was nice, but Bourgeois Pig nails the mocha every time. But the decent drinks don’t win me over after the terrible atmosphere and customer service.

I won’t return to Lamill… sorry hipsters!


Lamill Coffee Boutique on Urbanspoon


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