I heart New York coffee

I recently returned from my U.S. tour through New York, Chicago and Austin. Of course visiting great places means searching for cool food (especially beyond the chains and famous tourist destinations).

I’ll write about my favorite thing first, coffee. And I’ll start my reviews of the restaurants and cafes in my favorite city, New York.

Hillstone on Park Avenue not only has delicious food, but an excellent cappuccino. It’s smooth and bold and accomplishes exactly what it should – a jolt of energy and intense flavor.

Hillstone cappuccino

As I walked through SoHo on a smoldering hot day, nothing sounded better than an iced latte. I used my yelp app and stumbled upon La Colombe Torrefaction. Located on a corner with big windows, high ceilings and a loud but easy-going atmosphere, this place has a certain charm. Also, there is no menu! Some call the no-menu concept pretentious or hipster, but I think it’s pretty cool. The cafe steps up to the challenge of perfecting the basics. Also, there are no flavorings. The iced latte required no sugar because the flavor did all the work itself. The flavor was full and creamy, a delicious version of such a basic coffee drink. Oh and did I mention they have complimentary cold, room temperature and sparkling water?
La Colombe Torrefaction on Urbanspoon

La Colombe Torrefaction iced latte

I met up with a long lost friend attending NYU, so I asked him to choose his favorite coffee spot. He introduced me to Cafe Reggio in the West Village, which is home of the “Original Cappuccino.” As the story goes, the owner of Cafe Reggio introduced the cappuccino to America… pretty neat! Naturally, I ordered the cappuccino, which was smooth and topped with cinnamon. The ambiance of the cafe was calm and classy, various paintings from the Italian Renaissance on the walls and a dark, hole in the wall feel. It’s a great place to meet a friend or read/work quietly. I unfortunately do not have a picture, so go check the cafe out yourself!
Caffe Reggio on Urbanspoon


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