Doughnut Plant (NYC)

I set out to find a unique donut shop in New York City. Requirements? Cool flavors, fluffy inside, lightly crisp outside, not too sweet.

My friend Steven joined me in the donut journey and the first thing we liked about Doughnut Plant was the quirky store design. Donuts on the walls! Donuts on the seats! It’s adorable.

Doughnut Plant has an impressive selection of unique donuts. I tried two donuts – chocolate and tres leches. The chocolate donut was the perfect sweetness level, but was not as fluffy as I had hoped. The tres leches doesn’t quite measure up to the tres leches donut at UMAMIcatessen in Los Angeles, but it was quite good! The only issue with the Doughnut Plant version of tres leches is that it is not moist throughout, only in patches. Steven tried a peanut + butter and jelly donut along with a churro, which were both tasty!

Tres Leches Donut

Chocolate Donut

I recommend Doughnut Plant, but next time I visit the big city I’ll try the other donut competitors!

Doughnut Plant on Urbanspoon


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