Alice’s Tea Cup (NYC)

My lovely sister introduced me to this quaint and absolutely adorable little cafe on the corner of Lexington and 64th Street. Alice’s Tea Cup serves entrees but is well known for their scones and tea.

A pot of tea is perfect to share between two people, there was enough for us each to have two cups. I recommend the High Noon tea, which has subtle fruit flavors. The selection of tea expansive… and every option looks good so you won’t go wrong.

The scones are TO DIE FOR. They are big, fluffy and subtly sweet. Oh, and they’re served with jam and clotted cream. The buttermilk scone and pumpkin scone were delicious and, when split between two people, are the perfect size for a filling afternoon snack.

If you’re looking for a nice, quiet place to have a girldate, go here!
Alice's Tea Cup Chapter II on Urbanspoon


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