Schmackary’s (NYC)

Schmackary’s, located in Hell’s Kitchen, bakes up fresh cookies daily. Cookies are $2.75 each or 2 for $5. The price is pretty steep for a cookie that would probably cost 50 cents to make at home. Along with a fixed menu, Schmackary’s serves seasonal flavors such as Carrot Cake and Maple Bacon. The store is cute and the employee’s are nice and polite.

The Peanut Butter Cup cookie was crisp along the edges and chewy on the inside, just how a cookie should be. The peanut butter to chocolate flavor ratio was spot on… anyone who loves Reese’s will enjoy it!

The Key Lime Pie cookie had a thin layer of tangy frosting. The cookie was moist, but the frosting was dried and crumbled when bitten into. Personally, I did not think the Key Lime Pie flavor translated well to a cookie.

Overall, Schmackary’s is pretty good. I probably won’t visit again because I think it’s fun to make cookies from home… then you can eat them the moment they come out of the oven!


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