Hillstone (NYC)

Hillstone is an upscale restaurant on the corner of Park Ave and E 27th street. The ambiance is incredible – with low lighting, an exposed kitchen and classy music. The service is unmatched. The waiters are knowledgeable about the menu and are open to any questions you may have. Moreover, they constantly move about the restaurant so you’ll never have to wait for a refill or anything you might have asked for.

Prepare to spend decent money at Hillstone. The entrees range from $14 to $48, but the portions are generous and delicious so it’s worth the hefty price.

I do not like seafood, yes, including sushi! However, I tried the coconut shrimp roll, which was the only sushi I’ve ever tasted and liked. It’s light, sweet, and the combination of toasted coconut flakes and avocado is too die for.

The crispy chicken sandwich (only on the menu at lunch) is a wonderful take on something so traditional. The chicken is crisp and tender and accompanied by the highest quality jack cheese, lettuce, spicy slaw and homemade mayo… all this on a fluffy sesame seed bun. The stringy fries are light and not greasy, which I appreciated!

For dessert, I had a cappuccino, mentioned in the I heart New York coffee post. The manager of the restaurant was a USC alum, so she gave us dessert on the house, a very nice gesture indeed! The warm five nut brownie was… there are no words… amazing? perfect? delectable? All of the above. The contrast of the warm, fudge brownie and the cold vanilla bean ice cream was oh so amazing.

For a classy night on the town, try Hillstone!
Hillstone on Urbanspoon


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