Southern Hospitality (NYC)

Being from Texas, I know barbeque. I had been wanting to try Southern Hospitality, and I’m glad I made time for it on this trip.

My family and I ordered the King’s Combo – Memphis-Style dry rubbed spareribs, hand-sliced brisket and fried chicken. This was enough as a snack for 4 people. If you’re really hungry I think it’s a good size for 2 people. The meats were tender and delicious… especially when combined with the four different kinds of sauces provided! We also ordered macaroni and cheese along with mashed potatoes. Both were good, but not memorable. Go to SH for their superb, authentically southern barbeque. And cornbread. Wow… it might be the best cornbread I’ve had. Moist, sweet and served with honey butter. Delicious!

I personally did not like the service at Southern Hospitality. Our waitress was not friendly and didn’t come to the table enough for refills and such. Good thing the food was good, because otherwise I would not return!
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One thought on “Southern Hospitality (NYC)

  1. I agree about the delicious meats and cornbread. You are correct about the service. Our waitress was seldom seen and her gum chewing reminded me of Flo, the “kiss my grits” waitress from the old TV show Alice.

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