Raga Indian Restaurant (NYC)

After my jog through Central Park, I set out to find a cheap Indian lunch. Using my yelp app, I found Raga Indian Restaurant in Midtown, a cute little place on the second floor of a cool strip of restaurants full of hustle and bustle at lunch hour.

The atmosphere was peaceful and quiet, and the gentlemen working there were helpful and extremely nice. The lunch combo was just under $8, a steal considering you get one chicken dish, two vegetable dishes, rice and naan. The spice level was medium, and of the whole combo, the chicken was definitely the best… the meat was tender, the sauce creamy and flavorful. The regular lunch buffet is just $10.95, what a steal!

I’ve been to a lot of Indian restaurants, so I’ll say Raga is good, but not special. The lunch special price makes the place an attractive option, and I would definitely recommend it as a cheap, tasty lunch option. The plates on the tables of the restaurant patrons looked delicious, so I would love to give this place another try for dinner next time I’m in NYC.

Raga Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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