Pongsri (NYC)

Just like Los Angeles, I love that NYC has endless options when it comes to ethnic food. I love seeing restaurants scattered about, but it’s always an enriching experience to go to an ethnic food “hub” – such as LA’s Little Ethiopia, Little India, Koreatown and many others. I wanted to find a random restaurant in New York’s Chinatown, so I searched yelp for Thai food because I was in the mood for yellow curry. At random, I chose Pongsri near Columbus Park.
The atmosphere was quiet and simplistic, with a pleasant waitstaff. You’ll have no shortage of options, as their menu is extensive. The must-have at Pongsri is the coconut milk soup, listed under soups as Tom Kha Gai. Especially on a cold or rainy day, this soup is to die for. The sweet coconut flavor mixed with the fresh vegetables and tender chicken was simply delicious. Also, the hint of lime juice added a faint sour to the sweet… an excellent flavor combination.

The fried spring rolls were not overly greasy, which I appreciated. The appetizer was good, but no different than any traditional egg roll or fried spring roll.

Pongsri’s yellow curry was tasty, but not memorable. No complaints on the vegetables and chicken, but I like curry sauces a bit creamier. Normally I am pretty tolerant of spice, but with this curry I had to take sips of water between each bite.

For the coconut milk soup, I am glad to have stumbled upon Pongsri. I have since tried coconut soup and nothing has compared to Pongsri’s recipe!
Pongsri Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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