Room Service (NYC)

Words that come to mind when I think of Room Service? hip, sparkly, sassy and delicious.

Room Service provided one of the most pleasant dining experiences I’ve had. The restaurant, located in Hell’s Kitchen, is beautifully decorated with a modern Victorian theme complete with a huge, glistening chandelier propped in the center as the focus of the restaurant. Our waiter was extremely nice and, despite the restaurant being in complete rush hour, constantly checked on our table.

The first thing that excited me about the Room Service menu were the sheer number of mojito flavors! Some that I can remember include coconut, basil/ginger and mango. My sister and I split the pomegranate mojito, which was plenty for two ladies! There’s no way I could have tackled it by myself. The pomegranate flavoring wasn’t too sweet and the alcohol wasn’t too strong. The healthy amount of mint made the drink crisp and fresh tasting. It wasn’t one of those drinks that makes you cringe after the first sip.
The coconut milk soup was colorful, creamy and fresh. The chicken wasn’t as tender as I’d hoped, but the tangy and spicy chili and lime juice enforced a flavor pop! The broth had a distinct chicken flavor, while the Pongsri coconut milk soup’s coconut flavor overrode the chicken flavor (the combination I enjoyed the most).

My sister Marie ordered the Pad Thai, which had the perfect amount of sauce and just the right amount of sweet. To be perfectly honest, I only had one bite! However, Marie and all Yelp users agree… it’s the best Pad Thai in NYC!

I was a little disappointed that Room Service did not offer a yellow curry, but I was happy to try the red curry which was SPICY… man was that chili paste loud and proud. The vegetables were full of fresh flavor and hadn’t fully surrendered their crispiness to the wet soup. The chicken was tender and the sauce was creamy and spicy.

To conclude, I have a strange suggestion. Make sure to take a trip to the restrooms at Room Service because they are exquisite. A huge mirror leans against the wall, the lighting is low and sexy and it’s just really a sight to behold. Props, Room Service. I’ll return to you next time I’m in NYC.
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