It’s Thanksgiving every day at simplethings

simplethings, an adorable little sandwich and pie shop, is located at 8310 W. 3rd Street in Beverly Hills. With casual outdoor and indoor seating, simplethings is a great place to meet for lunch. The pies range from traditional flavors such as peach and pumpkin to the eclectic, banana/coffee and french silk. Since I typically don’t have dessert at lunch, I did not get a chance to try one of the pies, but they looked delicious.

simplethings will always be my favorite sandwich shop in LA. I was first introduced to this place when I interned at a public relations firm just a few blocks away. One day I was sent to pick up the office lunch order from simplethings and order something for myself… don’t mind if I do! The Thanksgiving sandwich caught my eye and I’ve loved the little shop since.

There’s simply no sandwich like this anywhere else. The flavors bring back all the memories and tastes of Thanksgiving I experience at home with my mother’s cooking. In my family, our after Thanksgiving tradition is to combine leftovers on a plate or in a sandwich. The simplethings sandwich is just that – a combination of roast turkey, cranberry chutney, jalapeno cornbread stuffing and sage gravy all on a michetti roll. The sweet and fresh cranberry chutney works magically with the mild spice of the jalapeno cornbread stuffing. The tender turkey and sage gravy make the sandwich comfort food. The sandwich is well worth the price – just over $10.00

For Thanksgiving all year round, try simplethings.

Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop on Urbanspoon


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