The Belmont (West Hollywood)

I really wanted to like the Belmont.

To start, the happy hour prices were reasonable and I loved the covered outdoor seating space with a view of the bustling La Cienega Boulevard. But unfortunately the good prices and chipper LA view didn’t make up for the service and food.

First of all, our waitress was unenthusiastic and unhelpful. My friend (who had just started experimenting with the paleo diet) asked to have the pork sliders lettuce wrapped and the server reacted as if it was an unreasonable request. Then when my friend asked to just have the meat on the plate with no buns, the server said they wouldn’t do that. Huh?

By this point, I had a bad taste in my mouth about this place. We ordered the pork sliders and spinach artichoke dip from the happy hour menu. While the pork was tender and nicely soaked in a sweet barbeque sauce, the buns were about 70 percent dry… I like my bread light and fluffy! The spinach artichoke dip was creamy and rich, but only half the cheese adorning the top was melted. For some reason the texture of the not melted cheese didn’t mix well with the consistency of the rest of the dip.



I only got a glimpse of the Belmont by going during happy hour and I doubt I will ever return to see the full menu. Perhaps I went on the wrong day at the wrong time… so have any of you been to the Belmont? What was your experience?



Belmont on Urbanspoon


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