Lazy Sunday Lunch

I love making homemade chicken salad – it gives me control over the freshness of the ingredients and the amount of mayo. My main complaint about store-bought chicken salad is that it is (1) drenched in mayo and (2) tastes like it’s been sitting out for days.

Chicken salad is easy to make. Since I like to thrown in ingredients, I do not have proper measurements. However, to make four sandwiches, I do know you will need two chicken breasts.

Start by boiling two chicken breasts in a pot of hot water.

While the chicken cooks, cut two strands of celery into small pieces. Next, pulse 10-12 almonds in a food processor and throw them in a bowl along with the celery pieces, a handful of dried cranberries, salt, pepper and a few drops of lemon juice.

Once the chicken is done, let it cool. Then pulse it through a food processor until the chicken is shredded the way you desire. Personally, I like chunks of chicken the size of a quarter.

Add the chicken to the bowl of other ingredients. Finally, add about two heaping spoonfuls of mayo and mix it all together. Serve on toasted bread.


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