Cafecito Organico (Silver Lake)

Cafecito Organico has four locations throughout L.A., but I’ve only visited the Hoover St. location. The inside is quite compact, but seating is available outside. The menu is small, which to me is a key ingredient to a good coffee shop. Perfecting the basics is always respectable!

The owners of Cafecito Organico get their coffee from Central America and roast it here in L.A. and focus on forming direct relationships with the producers to “ensure fair and sustainable practices and exceptional quality coffee.”

I ordered a regular coffee and my guest ordered an iced mocha. The mocha, made with dark chocolate, had a robust, full flavor. I appreciated the heavy coffee/subtle chocolate flavor combination. Most mochas tend to be sweet, but Cafecito Organico’s is in between dark and lightly sweet.

The regular coffee was refreshing, not acidic like Intelligentsia and Lamill often taste. The roast was medium and smooth, smooth, smooth. Probably the best coffee I’ve had in L.A.
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