Vera Bradley Birthday Discount!

Vera Bradley has whimsical, feminine designs and I’ve always loved their products. From passport cases to backpacks, you can find a cute design for pretty much any essential item you need in your life!

Did you know that Vera Bradley gives a birthday discount? Sign up on their website and you’ll receive a $20.00 credit to spend during the month of your birthday! For my birthday, I ordered this adorable passport case and can’t wait to take it on my trip to India in December!



2 thoughts on “Vera Bradley Birthday Discount!

  1. How do you sign up to receieve the Vera Bradley birthday discount?
    cuz i just went to their website and they didnt ask for address how are they gonna send me without knowing my address?

    • Hi Michelle
      I made an account on the Vera Bradley website- there they will ask you for your birthday and after you’ve confirmed your email, (if I remember correctly) they will ask you for your mailing address. I have also heard that if you go to your local Vera Bradley store and present a valid ID, they will give you the discount in store. Hope this helps!

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