Madewell stackable rings

I looked high and low for the perfect set of reasonably priced stackable rings. Though the Madewell stackable ring set is not cheap, it is a pretty good find compared to other sets out there.

One of the reasons I love this set is that the gold and white go with every outfit. Not to mention, the combination of thin rings with varied textures is dainty yet chic. I love wearing these because they add some sparkle to my casual style. What do you think of Madewell’s stackable ring set? Have you found any other cool stackable rings?

madewell stackable rings


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies

Now that I am officially moving out of my apartment in one week, I decided it’s time to clear the kitchen of as much food as possible. I had an extra can of pumpkin leftover from Halloween baking, so instead of making bread or pie, I decided to experiment with pumpkin cookies!

I found a simple pumpkin snickerdoodle recipe from keyingredient, which turned out wonderful! The cookies were lightly sweet and tasted like the holiday season. When I brought them into work the next day, I got a lot of compliments! These are perfect if you’re looking for a quick, simple recipe to take to a holiday party. Do you have any cookie recipes perfect for the holiday season?