Chandigarh – Part 1

Chandigarh, about four hour drive north of Noida, was a peaceful break from bustling Delhi. People drive within the lanes and the streets are full of open green areas and gardens. On the way to Chandigarh, we stopped at a nice and clean rest stop with lots of delicious food. My favorite was the bhel puri – an Indian street food tradition made up of puffed rice, onions, peanuts, spices and tamarind chutney.

DSC_0602DSC_0604DSC_0596 DSC_0597

We spent the first night in Chandigarh at a market just around the corner where we were staying. I love walking through the markets in India – the smells of all the different kinds of food mingle together and you’re surrounded by vivid colors along with sparkling shoes and jewelry.

The next day we visited the Chandigarh Rose Garden, which is full of hundreds of different flower species. The clear day made the colors even more bright and beautiful. I even found a grasshopper sitting on one of the roses!


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