Jaisalmer, nicknamed “The Golden City,” is a desert town in Rajasthan. The nickname comes from the desert sand and the yellow stone used in the city’s architecture. Despite visiting in December, the day was quite warm, but the sun illuminated the buildings beautifully.
First, we visited the Patwon-ki Haveli, a mansion built by a wealthy businessman named Guman Chand Patwa. The architecture was beautiful and intricate – apparently it took over 50 years to build. The haveli contained well preserved artifacts that told a story of the people who lived there long ago. The inside contained walls painted in gold, steep stairwells and infinite hallways that made the house feel like a maze.

After visiting the haveli, we went to a restaurant called Trio. The restaurant sat on the second story of a building overlooking the city. Colorful decorations adorned the restaurant and the food was nicely presented. To start, we drank fresh lime soda and cold coffee, then we ordered chicken, lamb and a vegetable dish – all very spicy! The spice level of the food in Rajasthan surprised me, and though the taste was intense at times it was great to experience. Finally, the restaurant provided a mouth freshener made up of fennel seeds and sugar.










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