Dear El Coyote…

Thank you for cooking up some delicious Mexican food that made me feel at home.


Homesick Texan in LA

El Coyote is located at 7312 Beverly Blvd and boasts a huge lit up sign that you can’t miss. Though I’m a downtown LA-er, I’m always in the West Hollywood area, so I pass by the restaurant all the time. Finally, after a these past years of living here, I decided to try it.

First of all, I’d like to comment on the prices – they’re amazing. A friend and I got out of there with a margarita and an entree each, with a final bill of $30. A margarita and damn good enchiladas for 15 bucks? I’ll drink to that!

The Enchilada Howard is the closest I’ve gotten to tex-mex here in LA. The plate consists of a cheese enchilada topped with a thick chile con carne sauce with extremely tender pieces of pork along with some rice and beans. The portion is not overwhelmingly huge like at other Mexican restaurants.. I was able to finish the whole plate and feel full but not stuffed.

Try out El Coyote next time you’re looking for a nice, reasonably priced yet delicious dinner spot.



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