Lupicia Tea

I first learned about Lupicia tea through my friend Kelsey. She insisted I try the Cookie tea, saying it would change my life. And well, it did, because to this day I am a loyal customer and avid fan of Lupicia.

The closest store to me is in the Westfield Century City mall. The store smells warm and inviting, with all different tea notes filling the space. The employees are always willing to brew different kinds of tea for you to sample. Also, tins filled with tea leaves are on display for you to open and have a free smell. The selection of teas is vast, and if you’re a tea lover like me, you could spend a good hour in this place. My mom and I recently went and bought several packets of loose leaf tea for my family.

My favorite Lupicia teas are Cookie, Banana Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate. I prepare the teas with a dab of honey and a dollop of whipped cream. This makes the perfect afternoon treat without having to eat something terribly sweet.

Unlike other teas whose tastes don’t match the flavor name, Lupicia teas are true to their title. The Cookie tea tastes like a sugar cookie with notes of caramel, the banana chocolate has a light, non-artificial tasting banana flavor with chocolate undertones and the chocolate strawberry is true to flavor name as well.

If you sign up for the Lupicia monthly newsletter, you’ll receive a free sample every month. I love receiving the free samples and always anticipate what flavor is coming next. Try out Lupicia tea, you’ll be glad you did.

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100th post! Birthday dinner at The Churchill

This year I spent my birthday with some close friends, who are a group of pretty amazing people! We got a table at The Churchill, which has great food and an impeccable atmosphere.

The Churchill is located on 3rd street amidst other unique restaurants and cute shops. The atmosphere was laid back yet refined with a rustic/industrial hybrid feel. With an outdoor patio and an eclectic mix of seating arrangements inside (my favorite was the table where we sat – a long dinner table made of wood complete with two wooden benches), this place is just as much about atmosphere as it is about food! We started off with a bottle of wine, which is half off on Tuesdays! The menu provided so many amazing options that it was difficult to choose. Since we wanted a little bit of everything, we ordered a few different plates to split.

The macaroni and cheese was rich and creamy with a hint of poblano spice. The dish added a unique flair to a traditional childhood staple. The half chicken was served atop a bed of tomatoes, green beans, arugula and mushrooms. The savory taste had a buttery goodness to it that reminded me of a home-cooked meal. We also enjoyed a ricotta and arugula pizza, which had a thin, flaky crust along with meatballs in a homemade tomato sauce.

To end the meal, we all had birthday cake flavored shots, which were to die for! I don’t like vodka, but whatever they used I absolutely loved. The shot smelled like it tasted – the warm vanilla scent of birthday cake. Our server was kind, responsive, fun and made sure that we had a great time. I will definitely return to The Churchill!