Sutton Place Cookies

Sutton Place Cookies handed out samples at last weekend’s Tastemade barbecue, and I couldn’t help but be immediately drawn to the adorable design.

Owner Alix Scarlott started this cookie company from her home kitchen in Sutton Place, a neighborhood in Manhattan. Alix baked for her own enjoyment, until people started inquiring about personalized orders. It was then that she discovered this could turn into a profitable, fun business.


I loved this mint green and purple-checkered cookie design. The cookies are so beautiful; you just want to take some time to admire it before taking the first bite. The sugar cookie is classic and home-style tasting – not too sweet and with a nice consistence of crunchy at first and lightly moist in the middle. The simply sweet taste combined with the unique design makes these cookies special. I would be super excited to order a batch of these for a birthday party, Christmas party or Valentine’s Day!

Wondering how you can order Sutton Place Cookies for yourself? Well since this is a relatively new business, you will need to contact the owner directly at The kitchen is based out of Playa Vista (west LA) in Alix’s kitchen, so you’re guaranteed that nice homemade flavor! Generally she requests orders two weeks in advance and a minimum order of three dozen cookies. The average costs ranges between $2.50 and $5.00 per cookie depending on cookie size, the design, wrapping and delivery. Check out Sutton Place Cookies for your next event!